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Prices For Our Day Old Chicks

Grade A Ross 308 :R7 each
Grade A Cobb 500: R7 each

Prices For Fresh Table Brown And White Eggs.

We do supply now only in 30 doze,
-Medium Size,50g - 55g Price: R180/Carton
-Large Size,55g - 60g Price: R210/Carton
-X-Large Size: R240/Carton
-Jumbo Size: R260/Carton

Chickens /Chicks Feed.

-50kg bag of Mash Layer Feed : R200
-50kg bag of Stater Feed : R220
-50kg bag of Grower Feed : R180
-50 kg bag of Finisher Feed : R180
Point Of Lay Hens(Pullets Available)

-Columbian Pekin's : R50
-Silver Barnevelder : R60
-Rhode Island Red : R60
-Barred Wyandotte : R50
-Millefleur Pekin's : R70
-Welsummer R40
-Silver Spangled Thuringian : R80
-Chamois Thuringian : R80
-Silver Laced Pekin : R50
-Millefleur Wyandotte : R60
-Bielefelder : R50
-Lavender Pekin's : R50
-Blue Partridge Leghorn : R70
-Buff Leghorn : R70
-Lemon Leghorn : R70
-Cuckoo Maran : R60
-Light Sussex : R65
-White Leghorn : R60
-Hyline Brown : R60
-Buff orpington : R70
-Amber Link : R65
-Botchveld : R70
-Koekoe : R70
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